Project Gal

Spring 2017 edition…  It’s kinda funny because some of the things that were on the list from several years ago are still there! Hmmmm maybe we will get to them this year or they are just recurring things.  In no particular order…

Things hanging around from last list…

-Make a cushion for front hall chair (have everything I need to do it)

-Fix up the light post at the end of the driveway (no one will own up to breaking the glass)

-Clean out the attic ( I think this is a once a year item)


OK that’s not so bad, although it’s totally pathetic that I have not gotten to making that cushion…  Here goes this spring’s list:

-Garden clean-up, including compost digging in and ordering/spreading mulch later in the spring.

-Plant list/planting plan for this year

-Call sprinkler guys to turn on service and fix the one corner that never seems to get water.

-“Door” project (in play, have talked to the contractor about what I want to do)

-re-stain the gallery railing above front porch…it’s 90′ of decorative railing but should go quickly because I’m just wiping on a new coat of stain to refresh but needs to get done April/May before it’s too hot to work up there.

-maybe touch up stain front porch railings while the stain is out… again fairly quick project since it was fully sanded and stained last year.

-Wash all the windows in the house, yeah need warm cloudy day for this one, most probably May as it will be warmer.

-Garage cleanout

-Better basement storage/organization

-Master Bedroom window treatments

-Surprise (maybe) painting project

-Send both big rugs out to have cleaned

-Buy new lawnmower

-Buy new charcoal grill (?? we keep limping the old one along!)

-Sand and repaint outdoor tables, last years paint didn’t take so well…

-Powerwash and re-stain back deck (?) big job but again, not hard just need the right weather. and a power washer.  and stain.

-List of UFO craft and memory keeping projects

-Finish Lily’s room mini-re-do….waiting for stuff ordered from Ikea.

-Clean out both girls closets/dressers

-Start getting Lily ready for Sea Cadet Camp.


OK, I think I’ll stop there…that is quite enough thank you!

Thursday, April 13th!

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