Project Life

** 2014 update…yes, I am still working my PL albums, one two page spread for each week of the year…and I still LOVE IT!  Am I caught up  *ahem, not quite BUT that really doesn’t matter.  What matters is that my families stories are being told in real-time and capturing those bits of every day magic are what it’s all about !  So if you have not yet tried out Becky’s Project Life products, hop on over to her store and take a browse, you’ll be glad you did!


For the last two three four years, I have been documenting my families everyday life with Becky Higgin’s “Project Life” products.

I am totally sold.

Just FYI, I have been keeping scrapbooks since I was a child.  My dad worked for Eastman Kodak so film and developing was free (imagine that?!) There was always picture taking of everything.  My dad took pictures, his parents and grandparents took pictures and my mom’s side of the family took pictures and made scrapbooks.

There is a lot of history here!

I’ve continued our family tradition, but I started feeling “behind” since the girls were born and I was in school etc…  so so frustrating, I didn’t want to just preserve the “events” but the goofy everyday stuff.  Consequently, I was making scrapbook pages of everything with lots of photos and papers but not tons of stories written down to flesh out the photos.

Enter Stacy Julian’s “Finding Photo Freedom” through Big Picture Classes and a “Yesterday and Today” class by Ali Edwards and some creative introspection, and the realization dawned that the current “way” was not working.  Then I discovered Project Life, it was probably at the end of the first year it was offered.  In early 2011 I ordered the “Amber Edition” and started in.

Photos, Cards, Stories, Page protectors.  DONE

A sampling of a week in our PL 2011 book

Don’t get me wrong, I still tell stories in the more “traditional” scrapbooking kind of way.  I use paper products and more and more I work digitally and print out the entire layout.  Eventually, I’d love to share these on my blog and share more stories just with words.

But for where we are right now, this is perfect!  PL captures all the photos I care to cram in the sleeves…programs, tickets, flotsam and jetsam, bits and bobs.

Love it.

If you’re looking for a quick easy way to tell stories and include photos, this is for you.

You can learn more about Project LIfe on Becky’s website HERE

I ended up with two 12×12 binders documenting 2011.  For 2012, I will also have 2 12×12 binders and I used the “Clementine” card set (love it and Gwen loved that the albums are orange!)   A few selections from 2012 below.  Can’t wait to start in on 2013 with the new “Seafoam” card set.

Thank you Becky!!

2012 Project Life glimpse #1

2012 Project Life glimpse #2

2012 Project Life glimpse #3

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