Sue lives just north of Boston with her knight in shining armor and college student (!) twin girls.  She’s re-writing her script for her next set of adventures:   empty nesting, making magic with fabric and yarn,  memorykeeping, endless home projects, excursions to the beach, fun with friends, and walking the dog.  She loves living in the footsteps of her New England ancestors in her favorite part of the country, and near the ocean.

The best way to describe her would be…


Sue blogs -not-as-much-as-she’d-like at:  Come along for the ride!

5 thoughts on “Triggsey

  1. Thank you so for sharing your story. It so resonates with where I’m at on my journey. Realizing that somewhere, I’ve lost myself and I’m liking who I am finding.


  2. I like your blog, its bright and cheerful. I have ancestors buried along that train track north of Boston…and reading your About Me reminds me of my very alive daughter-in-law, whose Who-am-I list would sound a lot like yours. (Hey, I also love Philippa Gregory’s novels.)


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