Week in the Life 2012

In 2012, I decided to simplify my WITL process.  In 2011, my project was hybrid (paper/digi) which is great but time consuming.  For 2012, I went more digi and less hybrid.  The only real manipulation of paper was that I cut up my 9 photo layouts and tucked them into divided page protectors…but that was pretty much it.  To simplify even further, I used Ali Edwards templates, and selected a few digital kits to work with.  I put both of these items in one folder so I didn’t have to pick around my hard drive looking for things (and getting distracted) .   I love being able to look back at the details of our every day lives…and I can’t believe how much my girls have grown in two years!

Cover-WITL-2012-WEB01-Monday-Main-Page-WEB01-Monday-detail-WEB01-Monday-9-Photo-sheet-two-WEB 01-Monday-9-Photo-sheet-three-WEB 01-Monday-9-Photo-sheet-one-WEB02-Tuesday Main Page-WEB 02-Tuesday-detail-pix-WEB 02-Tuesday-9-Photo-sheet-two-WEB 02-Tuesday-9-Photo-sheet-three-WEB 02-Tuesday-9-Photo-sheet-one-WEB03-Wednesday-Main-Page-web 03-Wednesday-Detail-Page-web 03-Wednesday-9-Photos-Two-web 03-Wednesday-9-Photos-Three-web 03-Wednesday-9-Photos-One-web04-Thurdsday-Main-Page-revised-web 04-Thursday-Story-page-web 04-Thursday-9-photo-two-web 04-Thursday-9-photo-three-web 04-Thursday-9-photo-one-web05-Friday-Main-Page-web 05-Friday-Story-page-web 05-Friday-9-Photo-two-web 05-Friday-9-Photo-three-web 05-Friday-9-Photo-one-web06-Saturday-Main-Page-web 06-Saturday-Story-Page-web 06-Saturday-9-Photo-two-web 06-Saturday-9-Photo-three-web 06-Saturday-9-Photo-one-web07-Sunday-Main-Page-WEB 07-Sunday-Story-page-WEB 07-Sunday-9-Photo-two-WEB 07-Sunday-9-Photo-three-WEB 07-Sunday-9-Photo-one-WEB



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