Memory Keeping

Why I am a Memory Keeper:

To capture the beauty of the everyday.

To freeze time.

To honor the past.

To dream of the future.

To tell our stories.

To share my heart.

This is your life, share your story

I have been a collector of photos, memorabilia and stories since I was a very little girl…My first scrapbook, in the old Victorian style of scrapbooking is from when I was about 5 (!)  I kept scrapbooks, journals, and the bits and pieces of everyday life in scrapbooks, photo albums, handmade books, fancy bound books, and just about everything else since then.  I started embellishing these albums somewhere around 2003 and now my studio is full of even more art and paper crafting goodies (in addition to sewing, knitting, and needlearts !)  I started digi-scrapping in 2008, and now my hard drive is full of digi-scrapping goodness.  I love using technology to create art and tell our stories, and yes, I print them out and slip them into my albums along with my paper layouts.  I am passionate about storytelling, family history, photographs and the everyday moments that make up life.

My hope is that my Memory Keeping efforts will inspire others to share their stories and their families stories and their every day lives.

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