Reads: 2014

This year is starting out slow and I have a huuuge pile of books on my nightstand to get through (and I just picked up 3 more at Barnes & Noble last week…love books!).  My daughter Lily who is a voracious reader even looked at my pile and exclaimed at how large it was.  I have completed some books so far this year so here starts the list for 2014…

Bridget Jones  Mad About the Boy / Helen Fielding    (library) Seriously, how can you not love Bridget?!   Loved it, loved it, loved it…if you’re a Bridget Jones fan, a definite must read….like catching up with an old friend!

Over-Dressed:  The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion / Elizabeth L. Cline (library)  Having spent almost 20 years working in varying parts of the fashion/apparel/textile business…I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to reading this book.  I’ve heard her interviewed on many radio programs and read articles she’s written in various publications.  This is an excellent look into the garment business and the impact it’s having on the planet, our economy, and our wallets.  This is one area where I definitely look back to the good old days when garments were well made, interesting and people took pride in what they wore and took care of what they had.  Great book.

The Invention of Wings / Sue Monk Kid   (library)  Wow, really really really good.  I have read all of her other novels and I think this may be the best one.  The buzz around the book is not hype, Oprah’s book club not withstanding, it’s a great read.

Update 7/26…  I made a concerted effort to finish the stack of books on my nightstand before I purchase any more (ha!) but fortunately for me, there is the library!  Unfortunately for this list, I have no way of keeping track of what I took out from the library other than to write it down…that is the fault in the system!  Well, here’s where we are so far…

Color:  A Natural History of the Palette / Victoria Finlay  (own) this is a fascinating book about where the pigments used in making colors came from historically.  Very cool and super interesting if you are anyone who works with color.

One Thousand Gifts / Ann Voskamp (own) this is one of those books that you keep close and dip in and out of.  Her writing is sublime and I am so appreciative of her sharing her struggles with faith.  Parts of it are a tough read, especially if you only read a page or two before you fall asleep for the night!  I did finally finish it and I think it will be one of those books I come back to again.

Dewey / Vicki Myron (gifted)  This is the one about the cat, who lives in the Library.  Very fun, sweet, quick read.  If you don’t like cats, you won’t appreciate this book.

The Happiness Project / Gretchen Rubin (own) I picked this up last December at the airport for something to read on my flight to Arizona, I really enjoyed this book the “self help” angle not withstanding.  I love her candor and honesty about the project and herself.  Definitely will keep this around to read again.

The Yarn Whisperer / Clara Parkes  (own)  I had received the pre-release first chapter of this book in a goody bag at Squam last year and I was interested to continue reading when the book was properly published.  I like to knit,  and I love her knitting analogies.  Definitely one to check out if you are a knitter and interested in journal type stories.

The Gifts of Imperfection / Brene Brown (own)  I know i have read this book several times and I’m picking it up and leafing through it on a regular basis … which is why  it’s in high rotation on my nightstand.  If you have not read Brene or listened to her TED talks, you must go and check her  Life affirming work.

Why We Make Thinks and Why It Matters;  The Education of a Craftsman / Peter Korn (own)  The author was on NPR discussing his work as a master carpenter and his memoir and I knew I had to read it.  A beautifully written book that discusses the work of the craftsman and how it relates to the rest of the world.  Awesome book for any creative person to have in their library.

Mentants of Dune / Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson  (library)  I have been a huuuge “Dune” fan since I first read “Dune” and original books by Frank Herbert waaaay back in the dark ages of the 70’s.  I am thrilled that his son has continued telling the tales of the worlds of  “The Known Universe” with as much detail and thoughtfulness as the original books.  This book comes at the history through the eyes of the founder of the Mentat school and his opposition to the Butlerians who are trying to bring the Empire into the dark ages.  If you’re a Dune fan, it’s a must read…if you’re not and you enjoy sci-fi, it is still a great read.

Knitting Yarns:  Writers on Knitting / Ann Hood (Library)  My friends and I went to see Ann Hood at an Author’s reading at the public library last fall (which was really fun…everyone brought their knitting) so I was interested to read her book, a collection of essays on knitting written by writers.  Really cool book, so many different angles to take, some of the contributors don’t knit but talk about knitting and memories and impressions of those who do knit.  I’d say a definite yes, read this.

Update 9/29… I had made a deal with myself no more books until I finished some…really!!  So where is where I am …I finished 3 books that had been lingering yay me!

The Yarn Whisperer:  My unexpected life in knitting / Clara Parkes  (own)  I love this little book…I think she and I lived on the same street in Fairport, NY but at different times.  Really enjoyed her memoir about finding knitting.

Creative Time and Space / Freeman-Zachary (own)  I always like to read about other artists/designers, where and how they work etc…  Super great little book about making space for making art.  Will dip in and out of this again I”m sure

A Million Little Ways / Emily Freeman (own)  I love love love Emily’s writing.  I follow her blog Chatting at the Sky and I really enjoy it, it’s so peaceful.  Good book about creativity and faith and work.  Glad I bought it.

Inside of a Dog / Alexandra Horowitz (gifted)  Since I own a dog now, my Dad thought this would be a useful read.  It’s very interesting and gives a lot of insight into why dogs do what they do.  If you’re a dog owner, pick this one up.  Helped me not feel guilty when my dog goes *sigh* as she puts her head between her paws.

Wild / Cheryl Strayed (own) I enjoy reading adventure books and I used to read backpacking/hiking memoirs all the time back in the day.  This one is very good and I definitely recommend it, even if you are not a hiker.  Not so sure about the movie version though, we’ll see.  Liked the book too much to see it wrecked on the big screen

Written In My Own Hearts Blood / Diana Gabaldon (own) If you have never read/heard of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series….get the to a bookstore or download to your reading device immediately upon finishing reading this post.  Could not wait, jumping up and down for this latest installment of Claire and Jamie.  *sigh*swoon*   Starz series is awesome too but nothing beats the books.  Go. Read. Them. Now.


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