Week in the Life 2013

In 2013, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do another Week in the Life project.  This would be year 3 of this project for me.  (If you are unfamiliar with Week in the Life documentation, visit Ali Edwards website here and take a look)  I was kinda feeling a little burned out on it and it was a lot of work to pull everything together.  I decided to give it one more go… and to keep it simple simple simple.  All digital, all the way.  I used Ali’s Templates and limited myself to ONE digital scrapbook kit.  One cover page per day, one collage page per day, and extra pages as needed…. simple, easy done.   Yes, there are blurry photos…because blurry photos are better than NO photos…I love that photo of Charlie hugging the girls in the kitchen…I’d much rather have a blurry photo of that moment, than no photo at all.  I’m really happy about the way that this years “week” turned out, and I can’t wait to do it again in 2014….


WITL-13-Cover PageMonday cover pageMonday Collage PageWITL-13-Monday-12Photo-1WITL-13-Monday-9Photo-2WITL-13-Tuesday-Cover pageWITL-13-Tuesday-Collage pageWITL-13-Tuesday-9 Photos-2WITL-13-Tuesday-9 Photos-1WITL-13-Wednesday-Cover pageWITL-13-Wednesday-Collage pageWITL-13-Wednesday-9 Photos-2tags WITL-13-Wednesday-9 Photos-1WITL-13-Thursday-Cover page WITL-13-Thursday-Collage page WITL-13-Thursday-9 photos -2 WITL-13-Thursday-9 photos -1WITL-13-Friday-Cover pageWITL-13-Friday-Collage pageWITL-13-Saturday-Cover PageWITL-13-Collage Page WITL-13-Saturday-9 Photo-1 WITL-13-Saturday-9 Photo-2WITL-13-Sunday-Cover PageWITL-13-Sunday-Collage Page

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