Layouts 2014

This year, I’m hoping to finish up a number of projects and also to make a dent in my “purchased but not finished” classes.  I’m not sure as I post these (in September) that I’m going to come close to 2013 in my “count” but hey, it’s about preserving our memories, not counting how many layouts we do, so now in no particular order, and a combination of paper and digital ….2014 so far!! *  2015 update… I realized that I had not finished uploading the last few layouts, and now that I have 2014 is in the books… 50 layouts, and most of 2014 documented in weekly 2 page spreads via project life.    Yep, it was a good year!

2014-01-December-2006-WEB 2014-02-Christmas-Traditions-2006-WEB 2014-03-Hello-Santa-2006-WEB 2014-03-Me-&-My-Guy-LFDD-Feb-DSA-From-my-Window-WEB 2014-04-ski-season-2014-WEB 2014-05-November-9,-2013-WEB 2014-06-Lily's-glasses-WEB 2014-07-Hello-Santa-2006-WEB 2014-08-Celebrate-(For-A+S-Challenge1)-WEB 2014-09-Menu-WEB 2014-10-Gwen(&theorangecone)A+S-5-R-color-WEB 2014-11-Heart-Girls-A+S-6-R-shapes-WEB 2014-12-Winter-Share-WEB 2014-13-05-24-Beach-Love-WEB 2014-14-05-21-We-(heart)-NY-City-WEB 2014-15-Works-of-Art-WEB 2014-16-Grandpa-Dease-WW2-WEB 2014-17-Easter-Dresses-2007-WEB 2014-18-Stand-Off-4-11-14-WEB 2014-19-Family Time Kilauea 2013-WEB 2014-20-Boat-Show-Final-WEB 2014-21-Cousins-on-the-4th-2003-WEB 2014-22-Art-Therapy-layout-web 2014-23-Stars-&-Stripes-Forever-2002-WEB 2014-24-SpencerDouglasRoe-WEB 2014-26-giant-pile-of-snow-WEB 2014-28-Adventures-in-Trees-WEB 2014-29-Dear-Summer-2014-WEB 2014-30-Happy-13th-Birthday-Girls-WEB 2014-31-Summer-Day-page-one-took-places-out-WEB 2014-32-Summer-Day-page-two-WEB 2014-33-Sunday-in-the-Park-WEB 2014-34-1st-Mani-Pedi-WEB 2014-35-Sisters-in-Orange-WEB 2014-36-Beat-the-Dads-WEB 2014-37-Construction-Project-2006-WEB 2014-38-Winter-Day-2011-WEB 2014-39-Fierce-Lily-WEB 2014-40-9-Reasons_9-Walter-WEB 2014-41-All-Smiles-WEB 2014-42-Sister-Moments-WEB 2014-43-Color-WEB 2014-44-Silly-Hats-WEB 2014-45-First-Day-of-7th-Grade-WEB

2014-50-Boo-Crew-(LFDD)-WEB 2014-49-Lunch-Date-f(LFDD)-WEB 2014-48-Paris Walks-LFDD-Anatomy-Of-A-Page-FATM-kit-WEB 2014-47-Victory-in-a-Skirt-WEB 2014-46-Fit-&-Feisty-2014-WEB


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