Layouts 2012

This morning, in the early Saturday morning quiet (soccer season does not start until NEXT weekend) I organized files on my EHD that I had just kind of thrown on their to free up space on my laptop.   Whilst tidying up, I came across a cache of photos of my 2012 digital layouts (and I think one or two paper layouts) and, in the interest of my t0-do list, I thought I’d share.  This is a portion of the total, I do not think I have photos of my paper layouts from 2012… add that to the list 😉

08-03-06-week1layout-final-WEB 12-02-25-Post-Blizzard-Tubing-JS-PSF01-WEB 12-03-10-Footie-PJ-Party-WEB 12-05-05-LOAD5-WEB 12-05-07-LOAD7-Jan-12-on-12-WEB 12-05-07-Mini-layout-page-2-WEB 12-05-08-Art-Wall-WEB 12-05-11-LOAD11-WEB 12-05-12-Top5-Screen-WEB 12-05-15-LOAD15-Friends-WEB 12-05-16-LOAD16-A-Summer-Idyll-WEB 12-05-17-BeautifulYouQuick-WEB 12-05-17-LOAD17-ArloandJanis-WEB 12-05-18-LOAD18-Play-WEB 12-05-19-LOAD19--HIKE-WEB 12-05-20-LOAD20-Black-Belts-WEB 12-05-22-LOAD22-WEB 12-05-25-LOAD25-Popcorn-WEB 12-05-26-LOAD26-April2012-WEB 12-05-27-LOAD27-Summer2012-WEB 12-05-28-LOAD28-MemorialDay-WEB 12-05-29-Easter-Dresses-WEB 12-05-30-CultureNotToday-WEB 12-05-31-MothersDay2012-WEB 12-06-12-First-Rose-WEB 12-06-18-12May12-2012-WEB 12-06-19-12-First-Rose-WEB 12-07-27-and then… Best Book-WEB 12-08-23-and-then…-Best-Book-by-SueT-WEB 12-08-23-Funtown-Splashtown-Al-WEBl 12-08-23-Mama's-got-a-brand-new-bag-final-WEB 12-08-31-2012-The-Game-WEB 12-09-08-Big-Dream-Book-WEB 12-09-12-August12onthe12th-WEB 12-09-12-LOAD9-12-on-March-12-WEB 12-09-12-Tri=3-WEB 12-09-18-Birthday-Photoshoot-WEB 12-09-18-school-lunch-WEB 12-09-18-Sewing-List-2011-WEB 12-10-01-Cherish-these-moments-PSF12-WEB 12-10-02-sister-pictures-WEB 12-10-04-Beach-Shadows-JS-PSF15-WEB 12-10-05-Snow-Angels-JS-PSF-16-WEB 12-10-10-JSprague-PSF-17-On-The-Porch-WEB- 12-10-11-Threads-v-2-WEB 12-10-12-Road-Trip-WEB 12-10-16-JS-PSF18-soccer2012-WEB 12-10-21-Things-that-make-me-happy-WEB 12-10-24-Halloween2011-WEB 12-Helpers-WEB Girls-August-2012-WEB Sunflowers-2012-WEB

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