Reads: 2010

Prospect Park West : a novel / Amy Sohn. 

definitely a summer read, fun story-no brainer, gratuitous sex

I think I missed about 5 or 6 books in the middle here!

Slow Cooker Comfort Food   275 soul satisfying recipies   Judith Finlayson

time to get out the crock pot…loads of yummy sounding recipies, can’t wait to try them and do something other than stand over a hot stove…lots of good tips too.

Knitting in Tuscany / Nicky Epsteing

knitting travelogue,  book blah…cute pattern for medici scarf on pp 30

Country Living:  Perfect Patterns / Marie Proeller Hueston

so fun to look at pretty liveable rooms!  I love this little book, have taken it out numerous times the last few months!

Year on Ladybug Farm / Donna Ball

chick-lit quick read…really would not happen in real life

10,001 was to live large on a small budget  / by the writers of wise bread

still picking away at this one…some interesting tips and some things I already do…everyone can use a little help now and then!

Christmas Details / Mary Norden

best thing about this book was the cover

Right Sizing your home- how to make your house fit your lifestyle / Gale C. Steves

i like to pick up ID books just to check out what is popular…i think this is trying to capitalize on the “not so big house” movement…go read Sarah Susanka’s books instead, they are far better and visually not so jumbled and jarring.

The Year of the Flood  /  Margaret Atwood

I.  Seriously. Love. This. Writer.    amazing, couldn’t put it down, haunting, still thinking about it.  must must must read…may even purchase this one.  I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve read of hers!

The White Queen / Phillipa Gregory

I really enjoy her books and this one is no exception.  I like that they are well written, enjoyable, and based in historical fact, and there’s even a bibliography if you want to delve into a particular facet of the novel more deeply.  It sounds like she’s going to be doing a Plantegenet series after focusing on the Tudors so will have to note that on the “to read” list.

Finishing Techniques for hand knitters / Sharon Brant

Being a novice knitter, I can use all the help I can get, great book with clear instructions and some nice looking projects to boot.

How to be your Dog’s Best Friend / The Monks of New Skete

Really interesting book on dog training, written really well with lots of advice. A pleasure just to sit down and read

Labrador Retrievers for Dummies  

Need I say more?

Good Owners, Great Dogs / Brian Kilcommons & Sarah Wilson

Lots of good training information

Made from Scratch / Jenna Woginrich

Back to the simple life – almost, fun read and down home advice if you want to raise chickens or make soup

House Beautiful – The Organized Home

Keep telling yourself…they cleaned up for the photo shoot!

The Red Queen / Phillpa Gregory

The same events as “The White Queen” but from the “other side”, Tudors win….really liked it…lost lots of sleep reading it.

99 Yarns and Counting – more designs from Green Mountain Spinnery

loved this book…would be lots of fun to actually go there!  some nice patterns

Folk Style / Mags Kandis

I have checked out this book numerous times but never had enough time to make anything!!  That’s the beauty of the library!!

Material Obsession – modern quilts w traditional roots/ Kathy Doughty & Sara Fielke

Great eye candy and beautiful easy to make quilt ideas will definitely check this out again!

Sabbath:  Finding rest, renewal, and delight in our busy lives / Wayne Muller

Had to return this before I could finish but I may have to purchase this one!  Really lovely book with a really important message  * I did end up purchasing this used on Amazon for about $3…total score.

Scarves and shawls for yarn lovers / Carri Hammett

This is the book for me…projects that might actually get finished in a relatively timely manner!!  Beautiful eye-candy yarns!!

*Summer 2010*  

The library in summer is the BEST place to be…especially now that the girls can spend time downstairs in the Children’s room by themselves.  If I’m really organized…I can bring my NYT book list with me to help me browse…and I get to read through all the magazines I don’t subscribe to!

Prospect Park West : a novel / Amy Sohn.

definitely a summer read, fun story-no brainer, gratuitous sex

Pride and avarice / Nicholas Coleridge.

really liked it, light reading but good story lines, page turner, again too many late nights

The sweet life in Paris : delicious adventures in the world’s most glorious — and perplexing — city / David Lebovitz.

fun little book, essays interspersed w recipes, never been to paris so don’t know how spot on he is with his observations

I Started The Anthologist but wasn’t that interested in it so took it back before I finished it (and I almost never do that)

Reliable Wife / Robert Goolick

borrowed from Demi…great book!  caused several very late nights until I finished it, definitely a must read!  Very graphic in many ways…

The End of the World as we Know It / Robert Goolick

Since his fiction book was so good, I figured, let’s try the biography…let’s say..I was wrong-o.  I see why it was critically acclaimed and I feel for his angst but I’m really not up for extremely graphic descriptions of extremely traumatic events..‘nuf said.

Shopaholic gets Married / Sophie Kinsella

really…who doesn’t like Miss Becky?!

Sleeping Naked is Green / Vanessa Farquharson

reporter decides to spend a year getting “greener” day by day, by the end you feel her torture about trying to come up with one more way to green your life. a foray into the green world where most of us will never go

Sea Glass / Anita Shreve

I knew when I picked this up at the library to read on vacation that I’d read it before but couldn’t remember the ending.  Beautiful book, I love everything she writes.  You can’t go wrong with any of her books.  highly recommended

Time Traveler’s Wife / Audry Niffenegger

Why did I wait so long to read this ??  (no particular reason) fab-u-lous.  Must read, infact I might actually purchase this for my library, it’s that good.

Summer People  / Brian Groh

Read it, stuck with it, had its ok moments but all in all, not that great, thought main character whiny pain in the butt.

Starting your career as an Interior Designer / Robert K. Hale  Thomas L. Williams

I keep picking this up, reading 3 pages and thinking…I went to grad school forever, how is this going to help?  Might help if I could get past page 3.

Handmade Home / Amanda Blake Soule

Simple ways to repurpose old materials into new family treasures

Lovely book, nice projects, great inspiration, very cozy and calming * later note…I love Amanda and you must read her blog  She is absolutely lovely.

Hattitude: knits for every mood / Cathy Carron

Am going to have to purchase this because I can manage to knit a hat and there are lots of great ideas here.

 Country Living:  Easy Makeovers / Michele Keith

101 quick design fixes you can do in a weekend

Fun little book, need to check out again so I can re-read.  why not 102 or 100 ideas? What is it with the “101” thing?

Balancing Acts / Zoe Fishman

I tried, really I did, maybe got 1/4 of the way through and realized that this just wasn’t capturing my attention, and I really didn’t care what happened to these women.

The Opposite of Me / Sarah Pekkanen

Liked it, fun read, interesting story, happy ending…need I say more?

Belong to Me / Marisa de los Santos

Page turner, couldn’t wait to see what happened, great read…hadn’t read any of her other novels but might go back and check them out.

A Change in Altitude / Anita Shreve

I love Anita Shreve, her writing, her characters, her settings (have I mentioned that before??)…great book, must read.

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