Reads: 2012

I have discovered, in going back to re-arrange my “reads” pages, that I really didn’t keep good notes on what I read for 2012.  I know I read more than this (I am a very heavy user of the Public Library!)  I’ll add more as I come across them…

Steve Jobs / Walter Issacson (bought-finished July) – I am a total mac convert so I found this book really interesting and very well written and balanced.

2312 / Kim Stanley Robinson – I was a big fan of his “Mars” trilogy and then wasn’t thrilled with “The Years of Rice and Salt” but loved, loved, loved this one.  A definite must read.

A Dance with Dragons / James RR Martin  – Hello, thank you Mr Martin for finally publishing this book.  Love it, Loved all the others, totally obsessed and can’t wait for the next two books.  Also, love the HBO series!!

Fare Forward / Wendy Dubow Polins – fiction/fantasy/mysticism all rolled up into one.  It was pretty good but have to say that I’m glad I borrowed from the library

Perfect is Overrated / Karen Bergreen – chick lit but fun.  A snack, light reading.

Daring Greatly / Brene Brown – (bought) Love Love Love Brene bought this along with her second book and I keep coming back to it again and again.

The Gifts of Imperfection / Brene Brown (bought) If you don’t know Brene, go to TED Talks and plug in her name and watch her presentations.  A.Ma.Zing.   Even better the second or third time you read it.  I keep it close to dip in and out of at will.  Must own.

Life Artists / Ali Edwards (bought)  I first met Ali in 2011 and love her and her message.  Since then, I’ve been so privileged to spend time with her on several occasions and she is a wonderful down to earth thoughtful friend…who also happens to be an amazing designer.  If you’re a memory keeper or interested in design or interested in telling your story, or…all of the above, definitely check out her books.

A Designers Eye 2: Patterned Paper / Ali Edwards ( bought)  see above about Ali, this book focuses on using Patterned Paper in Scrapbooking but could easily be transferred to prints and fabric or pattern and paper.

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