Week in the Life 2011

2011 was the first year I embarked on the “Week in the Life” documentation as imagined by Ali Edwards.  It was a momentous week for our family, purchasing a new home on top of all the usual summer craziness!  I had a lot of fun pulling all the pieces together and using papers and embellishments to tell the story of that week.  That said…it did take some time to cut everything up, slip into pockets, embellish etc…  I went much simpler on subsequent years.

WITL2011-00 WITL2011-01 WITL2011-02 WITL2011-03 WITL2011-04 WITL2011-05 WITL2011-06 WITL2011-07 WITL2011-08 WITL2011-09 WITL2011-10 WITL2011-11 WITL2011-12 WITL2011-13 WITL2011-14 WITL2011-15 WITL2011-16 WITL2011-17 WITL2011-18 WITL2011-19 WITL2011-20 WITL2011-21




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