Week in the life / Project Life et. al.

As usual, life gets in the way doesn’t it?  I do have the best of intentions, really…  I LOOOOOVE projects and my biggest failing is…I have too many balls in the air at the same time…but don’t we all?

So this month, December, my goal is to catch up and finish as many projects as possible before the dawn of 2012 and a whole ‘nother cycle of fun starts!

Here is where I am with two projects that I’d really like to finish up…

Week in the Life

This year, I decided to participate in Ali Edward’s “Week in the Life” project.  WITL is documenting everyday life for a week in detail in pictures, words, and the beautiful minutia of everyday life.  You can learn more about it HERE on Ali’s blog.  This year, the designated week to “Play Along” as I call it, was July 25 – July 31…the week we closed on our new house and all of the attendant craziness that goes along with it.  Needless to say, I knew there was no way I could actually document every day at the time so I set out to corral all my notes, photos, bits & bobs and supplies in one place to work on later.

Here is where I am today…

I figure at least it’s all in one place and pretty organized.  My photos are all in smart albums in iphoto sorted by date, my details are all in a file and ready to go,  I have the album, page protectors, and supplies…all I have to do is put it all together…

Hoping to share the finished product before 12-31-11 !

Project Life

Because I don’t have enough projects I also embarked on Project Life this year.  Project Life is a system and philosophy developed by Becky Higgins, you can read more about Project Life on Becky’s blog HERE.  I’ll write more about this project in another post but basically Project Life is an awesome way to document everyday life easily and relatively painlessly.  I have kept up with the photographs and collecting snippets of our everyday life, I just need to do some more writing and adding in all the lovely bits and 2011 will be done!

I actually have two books for 2011 because there is so much good stuff to celebrate and save!  I am really looking forward to keeping this project going in 2012.

So…all I can say is December will be busy busy busy and you’ll know where to find me!

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