A Challenge to Senator Warren’s team

This morning I sat down to find an email and of course, like many of you, was confronted with a large list of emails most of which I delete automatically (not to self, hit “unsubscribe” on some of these instead).  An email from Senator Warren (our Senior Senator here in Massachusetts) caught my eye and as I read it, I was fairly quickly irritated by the pleas for money at the bottom.  I get these emails constantly because I’m a supporter of Senator Warren but I’ve really had it with constantly being fear-mongered into pleas for cash.  Here is my response back to Senator Warren’s team and what I have also sent directly to her office in Washington, where I’m sure it will be buried as deep as the Ark in “Indiana Jones”…


Dear Team Warren

I support Senator Warren wholeheartedly.  I’ve voted for her, I’ve championed her.  I rely on her to keep the craziness in Washington in check.
That said
I am heart-sick
I am worn-out
I don’t even know how to explain the insanity that is American society right now to my teenage daughters
I’m considering whether it’s even worth trying to survive a nuclear exchange w N. Korea (really…who ever thought I’d be writing those words???)
I’m totalling up my own personal #metoo list
Here is an idea for your organization
How about instead of constant pleas for money, a list of POSITIVE SIMPLE STEPS we average Americans can take to counter what some of us see is the insanity in Washington.
How about a way to channel anger that doesn’t always include our checkbooks?
How about a way for people to DO something instead of complaining and railing and sending checks???
I challenge your team to do better than hollow fear-mongering pleas for money.
Best regards
Sue Triggs-Rhuda
Domestic Goddess

Because I am still working out what is my best response to the horror show that is our current administration, and I’m struggling with how to be constructive in the face of the breakdown of our society.  I figured this might be a first step in addition to the calls and emails on issues that I’ve been making.  It’s better than nothing and it’s better than not doing anything.
How about we ALL challenge our Representatives in all levels of Government to encourage POSITIVE, SIMPLE ACTIONS that everyone can take at every level, every age, every income strata, every soci0-economic group to help CHANGE our society for the GOOD.
Anybody else have any positive productive ideas??
Have a great Friday

More memorykeeping goodness

Really, I have been loads of other things besides digi-scrapping but they are just so much easier to share !    Heading off to a girlfriend adventure this week but wanted to share the latest layouts I did for my buddy Janet from Little Feet Digital Designs.  So much fun working with her beautiful kits!

Solar Eclipse 2017


I will admit we were kind of eclipse slackers but it was still worth commemorating the event if nothing else than to use the gorgeous images from NASA!  Kit:  Total Eclipse of the Heart  

Teenage Privacy?


I have to admit when the suggestion was made to use the kit Land of dreams, the Whitie Tightie papers AND the A Little Privacy Please embellishments I did kind of pause and think how I was going to pull this all together…then I was scrolling thru my photos in Lightroom and found this photo of Lily from a photo shoot the girls did and bingo… ladies and gentleman we have a moment in time documented!

Beautiful Fall


At what point will the girls not want to go pumpkin fetching with me?  We’ll see next week but I thought it would be a fun thing to document from a few years ago… Template:  Clean and Simple Templates:  Fall Beauty   Kit:  Summer Fades



Anyone who knows me knows that I love Texas!  It was heartbreaking to see the devastation from the hurricane.  Janet designed a Texas Strong kit with templates from her partner Dagi’s Digital Designs and is donating all proceeds to hurricane relief.  We also donated to the United Methodist Committee on Relief Fund for hurricane relief as well as Undies for Everyone… because everyone needs clean new underwear.

Hope everyone enjoys the bonus Monday off…it’s rainy here which is great for much needed rain!



Family History Strategizing & digi scrapping goodness

For the past several years, I’ve been working on “The Triggs Family Archives”.  Really what this looks like is a giant pile of boxes and slide trays behind the living room couch.  We have a mix of printed photos, lots and lots of slides and a box of super 8 movie reels which honestly makes me queasy just thinking about it.    I have been picking away at scanning for the last year or two and it is a slow process.

As I’ve been scanning, I’ve been thinking carefully about the end product of all this work and Ive been formulating a plan that looks something like this:

  1.  Slides scanned at 600 dpi, and imported into their own “family history” catalog in Lightroom for further sorting, tagging etc…
  2.  Certain groups of slides will be made into photo books for gifts (ie. my Dad’s Marine Corps slides were made into a book and given to him for his birthday)
  3. Other various Family slides will be part of digital scrapbook pages, some simple, some more elaborate.  I have already printed a number of these pages out and put them in page protectors in my giant mishmash of scrapbook layout albums.  I had considered photo books for these photos but the random nature of these photos means I don’t know if I’ll ever feel “done” enough to print out a complete book… so printed layouts for now.
  4. Physical photos that we have come across are slipped into 3-up photo albums and as much information as we know written on the space next the photo sleeve.  Multiple photos of the same event are tucked into the same pocket, this way they are safe and secure while I figure out what to do with them.

Did I mention this is only one half of my family???  There are “The Kilmer Family Archives” that I need to work on as well…different set of parameters for that group of items!

A few years ago, I scanned a page of family photos all taken at the same time / day in 1961 at my Grandparents house in Rochester NY.    I made a layout a few years ago with one of the photos and my friend Janet’s “Rooted in the Past” kit from her company, Little Feet Digital Designs.  Last month she re-issued the kit and it’s HUGE !!!  Honestly I could scrap for months.  This iteration also contains Templates from Dagi’s Templates and the whole bundle of wonderfulness is wrapped up under their joint brand:  Partners in Crime Digital Designs.  I went on a little bit of a digi page making tear this weekend and managed to finish up working with all of the photos from that series!  whew!  So without further ado…. a completed set of layouts!!

09-24-Triggs-Clan-1961-WEB1961-Clover-Hills-Drive-RITP-WEB09-22-LFDD-RITP-FST+LFT-1961-WEB2015-39-The-3-Triggs-Men-WEBNot bad for a few days work!  I’m excited to make more layouts with this kit and get more of our family stories told!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!




Home Made Goodness

In an effort to ATTEMPT to spend my time creating more and consuming less (GoT excepted)… tonight I sat down and instead of scrolling FB endlessly…I made a scrapbook layout (!) gasp.  I know, I know.  We have actually been super busy in a good way this summer so lots going on but not a lot of sharing. In an effort to remedy that, may I present…

yep, Christmas baking layouts in August!  I had bought the cutest baking kit from Pink Reptile Designs and a template kit from Scrapping with Liz at The Lilypad (one of my fave digi-scrapping shops) and tonight was the night to use it.

Last night I spent my evening catching up with my 2016 photos in Lightroom, and I’m thrilled to say that I believe that 2016 is all done, edited, rated and tagged.  That is why I could find these photos about baking…from my “baking” keyword.  I have a lot of memory keeping to work on.  I have realized that I’ve been catching myself thinking 2 more first-days-of-school until the girls go to college, 2 more back-to-school shoppings until the girls go to college … you get the idea.   One layout to make a dent in the memory keeping list!

Once school starts and we are on a more normal schedule, maybe more posting  (?!)  best of intentions…. enjoy!

Week in the Life 2017…done and done!

I just realized that my last post on my (poor neglected) blog was my beginning the Week in the Life project….so I guess it’s fitting that the next post is the album reveal ??!   So in lieu of taking a bazillion photos …I did a quick and dirty video on my iPhone, holding the phone in one hand and turning pages with the other…we’ll see how it turns out.  First time for everything and putting it out there right?!

I did end up following my sketched out plan and the only thing I pulled in extra from what I described last post were some chipboard numbers I had leftover from the December Daily kit.  Put them to good use here.

So since I just discovered that my version of WordPress doesn’t support embedding video, and I don’t want to spend the $$ to upgrade (!)  You can follow this link to my YouTube Channel and view the whole video.  Be kind, first slapdash video LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!