Happy 2023! 🎉🎉

Happy 2023 friends!! We had a great football watch/ NY Eve neighborhood party last night. So much football yay!!

One thing I try to do the first day of the New Year is to sew/knit/craft something, even if it’s just for a few minutes. I feel like it sets the making tone for the year. Yesterday I managed to cut out three tops from stash fabric. Today I am hoping to cut out two more tops and a pair of joggers. I do not have a very deep garment fabric stash. This year I’d like to sew down most of the stash (which in truth has been completely randomly purchased.) and going forward purchase fabric a bit more seasonally.

Happy New Year sewing!

So here is to a new Georgian calendar year 😆 and more making in 2023!

What are your creative plans for this year??

I am determined to post again before the end of 2022…

Hello friends! Hello poor neglected blog… I was determined to post again before the end of 2022. I was also determined to finish this particular layout before the end of the year… I have done very little memory keeping this year… something that I have on my plan to remedy in 2023! So without further ado… my one digital layout from 2022:

How cute is this little chick!! Such a brave little thing, I can’t imagine how giant we must seem to a little tiny chick!

Happy Crafting my friends!

Because it felt right to wait 406 days before blogging again…

Hello 2022… now that it’s almost MARCH here in New England, of course we are having a snowstorm. But it’s comforting to know that we still have snow here even though the planet is warming to alarming degrees. Hello friends, how did 2021 treat you? As we head into YEAR 3 of a global pandemic I have to say that 2021 was on the whole far better than 2020 but still not fabulous. Anyone else feel like they are the very definition of “languishing”? And who ever thought that would actually be a thing?! Well onward and upward for 2022. Fingers crossed we all survive pandemic and war to ring in 2023.

2021 had girls back at college, a tiny bit of travel, Homecoming at SU after missing a year, a big trip to Ireland, client work, more getting together with friends, and not as much crafting as I would have liked but more than I thought I had done at the end of the day.

The one constant in 2021??? Dogs and Sticks…

photo of black lab walking down sidewalk with big stick in her mouth

More posts to come on various projects and goings-ons…who says wrap up posts can only be posted in the first week of January! Off to go shovel snow… stay cozy my friends !

I’m coaching for Stacy Julian’s 2021 Photo Freedom Class!!!!

Yep, you read that right. I am completely over the moon thrilled to have been asked to be a Coach for the new updated version of Stacy’s Class Photo Freedom!! Stacy has completely updated her ground breaking class for 2021. Her original class and book “Photo Freedom” revolutionized the way tens of thousands of scrapbookers and memory keepers told their stories, including me! I also have a special offer for all of my blog readers and fellow scrapbookers below!

Here’s a quick overview of the class from Stacy herself:

You don’t need more time or more ideas or another way to back up your photos. What you need is a system—a living, breathing, comprehensive approach to organizing, finding, and using your photos. Photo Freedom is a comprehensive and highly interactive 12-week opportunity for YOU to (finally) get on top of the boxes of prints and disarray of digital files.  I will teach and help you adapt an ongoing and effective workflow—on your smart phone and computer—so that you can celebrate your memories and your life. But a course alone won’t cut it. You also need a dedicated coach, a strategic game plan, and a supportive team cheering you on. This is exactly what you get in Photo Freedom.


I have been using the concepts in Photo Freedom and Library of Memories ever since I took Stacy’s original class. I have adapted her concepts multiple times to fit how I tell my stories over the years – and the concepts work no matter what kind of a memory keeper you are. I am THRILLED to have been asked, along with 5 other women to be a Coach for this class to help YOU get your Photos and your memories in order!

Would you like to join us? As a COACH Stacy has provided me with a discount code for you to save $50 off the cost of the class! * Stacy always over-delivers on her classes, so your money is well spent. The class runs from January 15 to April 15 2021… BUT the engagement and support will be running ALL YEAR LONG! Yep, you heard me !

Use my discount code: SUETR50 to join us on a year long journey to Photo Freedom!

What’s included in the class?? I’m glad you asked:

  • Welcome and inspirational emails from Stacy each week Friday, Monday & Wednesday
  • New updated instructional videos, at least one from Stacy each week
  • Printable handouts, worksheets and project guides ( I love a good worksheet!)
  • A Private Facebook group where you can interact with Stacy, the Coaches (me!) and other students in the class. Stacy will be hosting weekly 60 minute Facebook Live sessions so you can chat with her in real time and talk with her directly about her concepts and the class
  • Monthly zoom meeting with Stacy and the community from January through December in 2021 so even after the instructional part of the class is complete, you will have YEAR LONG SUPPORT working on your Library of Memories.
  • Expert Coaches !! That would be me… ha! The six of us coaches have personally used and adapted the LOM system to our photos and our stories. We are a very diverse group and we’re all excited to help you on your journey!

Ready now?

I really hope you’ll join us on January 15th in 2021!! I am looking forward to working on my Library of Memories and it would be so. much. fun. if you came along!


*As a Coach with Photo Freedom, one of the ways I’m compensated is a small amount of each registration using my unique code… which will go right back into the scrappy hobby!

Wherein we have moved sewing operations…

In the time honored tradition of Sewists the world over…I have taken over the dining room. I’m sure many of you can sympathize. The move was initially born out of the purchase of an oversized scanner for my photo organizing business …which meant that the task of digitizing images could not co-exist with a hobby that produces lint, lots of lint.

Add to this the pandemic necessity of making several hundred masks and my compact sewing space upstairs was no longer up to the task. It is nice to be in the main part of the house within shouting distance of the hubs who is WFH in the living room and really nice light during the day. There is also far more room to spread out.

This past season has not seen a great deal of sewing happening but there has been pattern prep and toiles constructed and looking forward to more sewing now that the weather has turned here in New England.

But first…the mending pile…

Hoping to share more soon! What are your fall crafty plans?