Week in the Life – Wednesday

I am loving this project more as each day goes on.  As I mentioned on Monday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do this for 2012…waaaay too overcommitted on the memory keeping front right now and “LOAD” (layout a day) is coming up next week eeeek!  But, in the spirit of continuing to work on building a creative practice every day, I decided to go for it and I’m very pleased with the results.

The formulas and tools seem to be working really well….helps to pare down the images and distill the story to bring out the essence of our days.

One Main Page

One photo that captures the day..Ali’s templates and a touch of paper and embelli’s.  It’s an editorial challenge to pick the photo for the day.










One Detail Page

One page of “highlight” photos and the main stories of the day.  As I scroll through the photos and think about the day, the story emerges as I type which then informs the selection of the photos to support the story. I’m also keeping the detail sheets by hand which has the excruciating details of the day, observations etc…these will go back to back in one page protector as is when I put the album together.  Frees me from repeating here what we had for lunch







Three 9 photo pages

I decided to do 3 pages of 9 rather than just 2 so I have options to add/delete photos or notes when I put the album together.  I’m going to use Becky Higgins “grid” journaling cards (just checked her site and I don’t see them but you can check out her products HERE…awesome for all sorts of things) to record other snippets and drawings and to have the girls write some things for every day…considering I just came up with this idea, need to have the girls do some retroactively…

Am also loving the decision to put mini titles to each of the 27 photos…can’t help editorializing.  Am going back to do Mondays set as well.

…and I’m slowly getting the hang of actually working with wordpress…only took slightly less than forever to arrange all this and it’s not quite what I had in mind but…it’s a process

Total photo count incl. Charlie’s from NYC:  96  Total used:  34

3/7 th the way done…time to walk the dog

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