another day, another layout

I’ve been digging around in boxes and bins and trying to make some order out of chaos when I found this “kit” of papers and photos that I’d put together a few years ago but never actually made the layout….so today I did, I added some other items and wrote a little but having all the papers etc…already in one place made things go so much faster…even with pulling some other things.  This was from 2006…I can’t believe how time has flown.  But we still have that red wagon.  The more things change as they say….

I realized today that the last three days layouts have been very dark … maybe it’s the super grey rainy days we’ve been having (but boy do we need the rain)  or just what I have been putting my hand on to work on….maybe tomorrow will be brighter, we’ll have to see.

Most days, I don’t have a set idea of the story I want to tell for that day, I just let the story find me.  Seems to be working out so far so I’m gonna just go with it.

Load 512 – 3/31 done!




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