…day four…and no brown

I thought a lot about process today, the HOW of getting things done.  Sometimes I think we spend so much time on the why we don’t pay attention to the PROCESS of the HOW which can be just as informative as the why.

But that, I think is fodder for another post…

May 4, layout 4.  I wanted today’s page to be bright…it has rained all week and it’s totally gray and drizzly.  The prompt didn’t grab me today but I was flipping thru photos and found these of the girls at the park last summer…tugs at my heart that they still fit in the little kid cars…and in no time at all there is no way they will fit, or even want to try.

The journaling reads:  You girls have been riding the “leave behind” toys at the park since you could walk.  Many, many v. cold days yelling “just one more ride mom” or …Sunset, bugs coming out “please one more!”  You are now 9 and still the cars at the park beckon…A quick adjustment. look under the hood and you’re off on another adventure.  I didn’t think you’d fit, either of you.  but you did just barely.  How many more rides before you are truly too big?  Many More I hope.     Summer 2011


load 512  4/31 done

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