Creative Practice…part 3,752b

Some of you may know (or may not as the case may be) I’ve been working on developing a daily creative practice, and when I say “working on” that’s exactly what I mean.   It’s a struggle some days and impossible others.  Some days it comes easily and some days it’s drawing endless circles and squiggles in my sketchbook.  I’m participating with a group of kindreds in “Studio Sessions” over at Chickadee Road as an extension of the uplifting experiences I’ve had at Liz’s “Your Story” retreats.   I’m so blessed to be part of such an amazing group of women.

Today, with my sister’s wedding looming tomorrow…myriad family drama abounding, cranky 6th graders, too many things to do and dreary drenching rain (but the plants are very happy right now…I can hear them saying aaahhh!)  My “creative practice”  looked like this

Labels for scrapbooks a long time coming.  It was pretty much all I could manage tonight with the 6th’s battling each other every chance they got, and everyone over tired.  But it doesn’t feel creative…even though I designed and printed the labels myself, from scratch.  It feels like I’m just ticking stuff off the list…(which I am part of me is saying yay!) not being creative.

Which I guess begs the question … what is creative?  why do we get so hung up on labels and how-to’s and you-should’s and all of the cousins to those phrases?  Or, are we putting too many labels and pressure on ourselves from the inside in addition to labels and expectations from the outside?

Something to ponder….talk amongst yourselves…

but…have to say…creative or not – and at this point, right before bed after a long day with an even longer one tomorrow – I say YES to creative.  They look really nice, and now, I can actually find things.  Labels…good and bad…


Be Creative

Whatever that means for you…

Sweet Dreams everyone!

2 thoughts on “Creative Practice…part 3,752b

  1. I love these labels and they certainly are creative. Beautifully made and designed. I think you may have something about labelling and pressuring ourselves though. I have felt that a little lately as I have explored my creativity this year.


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