Garden: What a difference a year makes!

Before I head out to do a little garden clean up today, I wanted to see what the garden looked like this time last year…but in my wanderings I came across my photos from the first day of spring in 2014.

March-20-Back-&-Side-WEB March-20-Front-&-Side-WEB

Kinda greenish, just a little snow but things starting to warm up and peek through

Backyard-2015-week1-WEB Front-yard-2015-week1-WEB

Aaaand this was the first day of spring this year, 2015.  The year of snowmageddon here in Boston.  Yep, no green to be seen.  It’s finally starting to bloom here and later this weekend, I’m going to dig around for more photos for this time last year as a comparison.

I’m keeping a new garden journal (started last year) for our new house.  My last journal was sketches and words, this time around I’m trying photo collages as well as written descriptions and adding in tags from plants etc.  My format is 5×7 which may be a little small, I may end up going to 6×8, we’ll see how it’s working out.

Waiting for the garden…

The Vernal Equinox or…will it ever be spring??

Perhaps one of our biggest projects this spring/summer/fall is to do a LOT of work in the gardens.  We had our front steps rebuilt last summer and all of the existing landscaping removed so we are left with a blank slate.  I’ve been reading and sketching and consulting and putting together plans and plant lists and waiting waiting waiting to be able to start.

Did I mention there was a blizzard down on the Cape yesterday?  Yup, no gardening going on here… yet.  I’m getting ready.

I am starting a new garden journal for this house, this year.  I kept one at our old house and it really was helpful to see what did well and what didn’t. Last time, I used a book that my mom had bought for me not long after we moved in.  This time, I’m building my book from scratch so I can add, subtract and change up as needed.  I purchased a Field Journal from Snow Moon as well as a set of digital templates to drop my photos in, print out and add to the book.  I’ll share details of the garden journal as we go along.   Will I use the templates all the time?  Probably not but they are a great way to get lots of photos on the page and they are the right size AND, no fuss no muss.

Here is what was happening last week in the garden here in zone 6B, north of Boston





Yes, still snow on the ground…the only sign of spring is more birds around and a very slight swelling to the buds on the Magnolia tree.

Come on Spring!!! We’re getting ready for you!

What is it looking like in your neck of the woods?