LOAD212 – days one and two

Yes!  Two days down, 27 more to go!  Starting strong!!  Hope I can keep up the momentum…everyone starts out strong in this but as the month progresses, people fall off the bandwagon.  Totally understandable, waaaay too many other things going on but I”m happy that I am 2 for 2 !

Day One

Paper page with real paper!  and ribbon! and photos!  and I actually found everything!  small victory!

Day one’s prompt had to do with food. Since I couldn’t lay my mitts on my photos from Border Cafe, I made a page featuring one of our current favorite family stories!  Gwen ordering a full adult portion of Cioppino at Felicia’s restaurant!

Day Two

Today’s page was all digital, my biggest challenge with digital scrapbooking is the organization (or not) of the files, something I need to continue to work on!  Deciding on a “system” and working it through before I acquired hundreds of files would have been most helpful!

I have been wanting to do something with this photo for a long time…the prompt for today was “favorite photo” and this is definitely one of my all-time faves, glad I was able to finally have an excuse to use it!

The Mother LOAD – Day two ;-)

Another layout under the belt – yay!  really fun and feeling very productive…The prompt for Day Two was to do a layout of something that makes you laugh.  I’ve had the stick-of-the-day story on my list to tell for awhile and Day 2 was the perfect opportunity.  Who wouldn’t at least smile or give a little chuckle at the idea of stick-of-the-day?

Stick of the Day