another day, another layout

I’ve been digging around in boxes and bins and trying to make some order out of chaos when I found this “kit” of papers and photos that I’d put together a few years ago but never actually made the layout….so today I did, I added some other items and wrote a little but having all the papers etc…already in one place made things go so much faster…even with pulling some other things.  This was from 2006…I can’t believe how time has flown.  But we still have that red wagon.  The more things change as they say….

I realized today that the last three days layouts have been very dark … maybe it’s the super grey rainy days we’ve been having (but boy do we need the rain)  or just what I have been putting my hand on to work on….maybe tomorrow will be brighter, we’ll have to see.

Most days, I don’t have a set idea of the story I want to tell for that day, I just let the story find me.  Seems to be working out so far so I’m gonna just go with it.

Load 512 – 3/31 done!




…day two…load done and dog clean…

Today was crazy day, good day and loooong…

Out early with pup for her check up at the vet … seriously, my dog has an auto-immune disorder … never heard of that happening in a dog.  ever.   She’s doing fine though thanks for asking, medicine is working.

Then, off to my pal Sara’s house for a visit/catch up and doggie playmate which included my dog wanting to play w the cat and the guinea pig.  neither happened.  then it was take the dogs for a walk wherein my lovely sweet lab dog rolled in the leaves, and the dog poo underneath.  I guess we’re lucky that she’s almost two and this is the first time this happened.  Sara and I managed to scrape off the worst of it with some (big) leaves and then paper towels at her house.  Thank you to Kris and the fabulous crew at ABC who met me at the front door for an emergency grooming session.  Shadow is now shiny and smelling great.

In the midst of dog drama I managed my layout for the day.  The prompt was “no picture” that is pretty much sacrilege around here.  But, I’m up for the challenge…went through my bin that I had set up during the “Twelve” class I’m taking @ BPC and what did I find but the receipt from the dinner where Charlie proposed.

Totally forgot I even had it…

… but I’m glad I did.  To further challenge myself, I used one of my Basic Grey kits (and nothing else) I’ve been hoarding err, “aging” in my studio for over a year.  Nice to get things out of those bags and all over my worktable.   Have to say, had it not been to put everything down to pickup the dog from her little impromptu spa date, this would have taken about half an hour which is pretty quick for me.

…and the girls made dipped and coated pretzels this afternoon… no end to the fun around here!!

hope everyone had a great day out there in blogland.

…because i don’t have enough to do…

…i’m also super-challenging myself and participating in Lain Ehman’s “Layout a day” challenge this month. Yes, my friends, if I’m really on top of things…a new scrapbooking layout everyday will grace my blog. Lucky you! Because truly, I am not busy enough.

So I decided to “play along” with today’s prompt (there is an email every morning with a “prompt” for a topic/technique/idea of what to work on for that day….you can use it or do your own thing) and did a layout about myself, which I hardly ever do. So you get to see me in a bathing suit at the pool ha!

I’ve been working in digital for so long, it’s fun to go back to paper although my studio is now a mess after one layout. Hmmm need to work on that.

I did complete a layout every day in February so I’m confident that I can do it again this month. In addition, I’d like to post them here every day as part of the process.

In addition to this frivolity, I will be putting together my “week in the life” album whenever I get my prints back (that I’m going to upload today)  and work on the house, and sew a whole bunch of things for me, the girls, and the house…and maybe sleep just a little  😉

Load512    1/31 complete

LOAD-212: Day Four!

Today, the girls took their pre-test for their Junior Black Belts in karate!  They have worked so hard toward this goal and today was the first step in the process, and I think they passed with flying colors.  Unfortunately in all the craziness of the early day, I totally forgot to get a photo of the three girls (lily, gwen and their friend marielle) before their test.  What I did photograph was the wait.

The wait for the test to be over.  Liz and I with our knitting in a cafe waiting.  And of course, in honor of the layout a day challenge this month…I scrapbooked it!

Load-212-Day Threeeee!

Day three … and a layout done before lunchtime  (along with phone calls, laundry and tidying up!)  The prompt today was a layout about yourself.  Charlie recently found a cache of old (old) photos of mine and in that treasure trove of late 70’s and early 80’s goodness was a photo of me at the summit of Pike’s Peak in 1979 so that dear reader, along with a Basic Grey kit, inspired this page:

I have a stash of Basic Grey kits that I collected over two years that I have pledged to break out and use (instead of letting them age like fine wine) which is fun because some of them are not things I would normally pick.   It makes it a challenge within a challenge to make a kit work with other things in my stash (in this case the metal tag on the left and thickers stickers for the title).

All in all I am pleased with it and am loving loving loving not scrapping chronologically anymore!!