…day two…load done and dog clean…

Today was crazy day, good day and loooong…

Out early with pup for her check up at the vet … seriously, my dog has an auto-immune disorder … never heard of that happening in a dog.  ever.   She’s doing fine though thanks for asking, medicine is working.

Then, off to my pal Sara’s house for a visit/catch up and doggie playmate which included my dog wanting to play w the cat and the guinea pig.  neither happened.  then it was take the dogs for a walk wherein my lovely sweet lab dog rolled in the leaves, and the dog poo underneath.  I guess we’re lucky that she’s almost two and this is the first time this happened.  Sara and I managed to scrape off the worst of it with some (big) leaves and then paper towels at her house.  Thank you to Kris and the fabulous crew at ABC who met me at the front door for an emergency grooming session.  Shadow is now shiny and smelling great.

In the midst of dog drama I managed my layout for the day.  The prompt was “no picture” that is pretty much sacrilege around here.  But, I’m up for the challenge…went through my bin that I had set up during the “Twelve” class I’m taking @ BPC and what did I find but the receipt from the dinner where Charlie proposed.

Totally forgot I even had it…

… but I’m glad I did.  To further challenge myself, I used one of my Basic Grey kits (and nothing else) I’ve been hoarding err, “aging” in my studio for over a year.  Nice to get things out of those bags and all over my worktable.   Have to say, had it not been to put everything down to pickup the dog from her little impromptu spa date, this would have taken about half an hour which is pretty quick for me.

…and the girls made dipped and coated pretzels this afternoon… no end to the fun around here!!

hope everyone had a great day out there in blogland.

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