…because i don’t have enough to do…

…i’m also super-challenging myself and participating in Lain Ehman’s “Layout a day” challenge this month. Yes, my friends, if I’m really on top of things…a new scrapbooking layout everyday will grace my blog. Lucky you! Because truly, I am not busy enough.

So I decided to “play along” with today’s prompt (there is an email every morning with a “prompt” for a topic/technique/idea of what to work on for that day….you can use it or do your own thing) and did a layout about myself, which I hardly ever do. So you get to see me in a bathing suit at the pool ha!

I’ve been working in digital for so long, it’s fun to go back to paper although my studio is now a mess after one layout. Hmmm need to work on that.

I did complete a layout every day in February so I’m confident that I can do it again this month. In addition, I’d like to post them here every day as part of the process.

In addition to this frivolity, I will be putting together my “week in the life” album whenever I get my prints back (that I’m going to upload today)  and work on the house, and sew a whole bunch of things for me, the girls, and the house…and maybe sleep just a little  😉

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4 thoughts on “…because i don’t have enough to do…

    • Go for it Cheryl…I did my first one in February and really didn’t think it would happen…but I did it !! Even if you only manage every other day or 5 a week, it will definitely kick start the creative process!!


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