Week in the Life 2012 – Sunday

It’s here

The last day

Can’t believe I made it all the way to the end.  As a bonus, all 35 layouts are done, checked, tweaked and ready to upload to printer in the morning.   For a project this size I will have them printed, if it was one or two pages then I’d print at home.  (When I don’t print at home, I use Persnickety Prints for my layouts and I use Shutterfly for regular prints)

Last year I documented the week but things were so crazy everything got packed in a box and so I will be assembling both 2011 and 2012 when I get my prints from this year back.

Yes, I’m crazy…but I think it’s worth it

Here’s Sunday…



There is nothing better than a new bike…nothing.

# Photos taken 114, ed to 61, used 30

(getting better and better at editing and purging)

I also made a video of the girls with their new bikes but that’s another project!

7/7  Done

More tomorrow on WitL thoughts and the first day of LOAD

Sleeping I will be

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