Selfies for Friday…video to share

I found this video through a digi-scrapping blog I follow (Katie at she’s part of the Daily Digi – love them!) It is a terrific video, if you have teenage girls or you were a teenage girl or you’re going to have a teenage girl…then this is a must-watch. Please share and pass along!! The message is so important and the gallery at the end is awesome.

Habu-day to you! x2

When the girls were toddlers they would say “Habu-day!” because they couldn’t say “Happy Birthday” well…Habu-day to you girls!!!

Twelve years ago today at 11:04 and 11:06…these little ladies came into our lives…








4lbs 15oz and 4lb 8oz  soooo tiny!

005A-smaller image







look at them now