A Challenge to Senator Warren’s team

This morning I sat down to find an email and of course, like many of you, was confronted with a large list of emails most of which I delete automatically (not to self, hit “unsubscribe” on some of these instead).  An email from Senator Warren (our Senior Senator here in Massachusetts) caught my eye and as I read it, I was fairly quickly irritated by the pleas for money at the bottom.  I get these emails constantly because I’m a supporter of Senator Warren but I’ve really had it with constantly being fear-mongered into pleas for cash.  Here is my response back to Senator Warren’s team and what I have also sent directly to her office in Washington, where I’m sure it will be buried as deep as the Ark in “Indiana Jones”…


Dear Team Warren

I support Senator Warren wholeheartedly.  I’ve voted for her, I’ve championed her.  I rely on her to keep the craziness in Washington in check.
That said
I am heart-sick
I am worn-out
I don’t even know how to explain the insanity that is American society right now to my teenage daughters
I’m considering whether it’s even worth trying to survive a nuclear exchange w N. Korea (really…who ever thought I’d be writing those words???)
I’m totalling up my own personal #metoo list
Here is an idea for your organization
How about instead of constant pleas for money, a list of POSITIVE SIMPLE STEPS we average Americans can take to counter what some of us see is the insanity in Washington.
How about a way to channel anger that doesn’t always include our checkbooks?
How about a way for people to DO something instead of complaining and railing and sending checks???
I challenge your team to do better than hollow fear-mongering pleas for money.
Best regards
Sue Triggs-Rhuda
Domestic Goddess

Because I am still working out what is my best response to the horror show that is our current administration, and I’m struggling with how to be constructive in the face of the breakdown of our society.  I figured this might be a first step in addition to the calls and emails on issues that I’ve been making.  It’s better than nothing and it’s better than not doing anything.
How about we ALL challenge our Representatives in all levels of Government to encourage POSITIVE, SIMPLE ACTIONS that everyone can take at every level, every age, every income strata, every soci0-economic group to help CHANGE our society for the GOOD.
Anybody else have any positive productive ideas??
Have a great Friday