…120 Gb of “other”

Honeymoon mode has lasted a looooong time for me and my MacBook Pro…. I’ve been so thrilled with my beautiful little machine that has had almost NO problems since I bought her several years ago…unless you count trying to drown her hard drive in digital scrapbooking supplies.

Ah the honeymoon may be over

Disk Useage 01-12-14


it’s baaackkkk….  the “other” .   the “other” was the cause of the great hard drive erase and re-build of december 2013…Apple geniuses didn’t know what it was so they fixed the problem by wiping the hard drive and starting over

evidently it didn’t work

wish me luck, tomorrow we go to see the geniuses again.  have spent today backing up and moving files.  fingers crossed friends, fingers crossed