and sometimes it pays to take the slow lane

Our default mode of operation as a society these days is lane….you get the picture.  Last Saturday I experienced making the case for the slow non-express lane.

I was starting my journey home from visiting my friend Kimberly in Tucson.  I decided to check in at the counter rather than at the self-check kiosk…I’m not exactly sure why… I almost got our of line and did the kiosk because of a large party in front of me but decided to stay put.  Well, am I glad I took the slow lane that day.   The agent took one look at my ticket and told me there was no way I’d make my connection in Dallas because the incoming plane was running late, then she tells me the later flight(s) had been cancelled because of the snow storm…same for NY and Chicago.   She re-routed me through LA, got me the seat that I wanted and didn’t charge me for my checked bag.  And, she was super nice and friendly through the whole thing.   Needless to say, I took her advice, had two extremely uneventful flights and came home to this…and then got safely home from Logan

logan blizzard

Now, maybe someone would have caught it at the gate but chances are, had I self-checked trying to save time, I would have been stuck in Dallas overnight and stressed out about getting home.  The lesson I took away from this …. SLOW DOWN, listen to that little voice in your head.  The fastest way isn’t always the best in the end.

just thought I’d share….and yes, I did just email American Airlines and told them what a great job the reservation agent did for me!  Share the love people!