around here

blessed to have been able to spend so much time together over Christmas break and this last week.  No big plans, just everyday life, together.

loving that the girls have taken to basketball and skiing so well and so whole-heartedly.  When they love something, they give it their all.

packing for a weekend creative with friends and friends-not-met-yet up in York, ME next weekend.

slightly panicking about packing for weekend creative

reading  “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown (love love love her message) and the new Phillipa Gregory “The Kingmaker’s Daughter”

moving more, getting outside, walking, yoga

cooking winter favorites and looking forward to baking cookies with the girls this month

watching  the girls negotiate 6th grade and tween-dom

planning a family island vacation this summer (read Hawaii, not Martha’s Vineyard)  so excited to have something to plan for and look forward to this summer!

creating more than I have in a long time, loving it, can’t wait to explore more possibilities

loving that Downton Abbey is back on TV…hello season 3

choosing my word for 2013 to be my Muse for the next year

looking forward to 2013 and the “clean slate” of a new year…ready to fill it up.



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