catching up and tidying up…





One of my goals for 2013 is to come here and write on my blog more, share my projects and carve out my little corner of the internet.  Housekeeping chores led me to this layout which I guess I thought I’d posted but evidently not…from November 2011.

Another of my goals is to learn WordPress more thourougly so things run a little smoother around this joint

I created this layout as part of a Layout-A-Day challenge class at Big Picture Classes.  A surprise weekend trip to Mt. Sunapee to climb the mountain that Charlie and the girls had skied down that winter.  The surprise held until we were into NH.  Great fun had by all.

Journaling reads…

For Charlie’s birthday this year, we gave him a weekend at Mt. Sunapee.   The express purpose of the weekend was to hike to the top of Mt. Sunapee and take a summer picture of the girls at the top of the mountain.  He had already taken one of them over the winter when they were skiing and he wanted to return in the summer for the same photo.  Mission accomplished!  After a little backtracking and  a lot of “this mountain doesn’t have any summit” we arrived.  2.1+ miles and several hours later – totally worth it!  Happy Birthday Daddy!   Labor Day 2011

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