LOAD 0213

Yes, because I am completely insane and don’t have enough projects jumping up and down and calling my name….

I’m participating in a scrapbooking layout-a-day challenge for the month of February.  yep. insane.  This is actually the 4th time (or 5th can’t remember) time I’ve done this and it is a challenge to keep it going for the whole month.  Sometimes life gets in the way and that’s OK…the point is the stories are getting told.

So without further ado…here ar

LOAD213-01-CapeCod2011Day one’s challenge was a layout without writing a story (or “journaling” in scrapbooking parlance).  I’m working on a series of pages about our Cape Cod trip in 2011 (and also 2010) and needed a “cover” page so…voila.  The only words are the Place and Date.

02-The Best DayDay two’s challenge was to create a layout about your perfect day.  Not content to just keep all the fun to myself, I hounded my family for their “perfect” days.  Charlie was awesome (but had to be admonished to keep it clean, it’s a family show after all)  The girls had tons of questions but managed to settle on a few of their most important items.

Both layouts are digital layouts, done completely on the computer and I’ll have them printed out to put in an album.  I also scrapbook as a “paper” scrapper but with doing a layout a day, it’s much quicker to pull something together on my laptop which I can take anywhere (including the cafeteria at Nashoba Valley where I’m waiting for my girls to come rocketing down the slopes any minute).

If you’re interested in learning more about the layout-a-day challenge click here to go to Lain Ehmann’s “Layout-A-Day” site.  It’s fun, challenging whether you follow the suggestions for layouts (or “prompts”) or not and the other “Loadsters” are a really nice community.



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