around here

Just when you think they are going to pull each other's hair out...

Bedtime Hangman…Just when you think they are going to pull each other’s hair out…

Baking…Cookies and cupcakes for school Valentines Day party tomorrow

Memory Keeping…a layout a day for the month of February (at least)  loving this challenge and so happy to get the stories and photos onto paper where everyone can enjoy them.

Cleaning up…after the big snow storm last weekend

Planning...big house projects, little house projects and everything in between

Cleaning out…the organizing of my studio continues…the girls rooms are next this weekend….sssshhh..want it to be a surprise!

Knitting…What I’m hoping will be a warm soft cowl out of some beautiful hand spun and dyed wool I’ve been hoarding.

Sewing…clearing out old projects and mending to make way for home projects and spring clothes!

Thrilled…that the days are now measurably lighter later, no more darkness at 4:30!

Reading…The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan, really good…it would be awesome if I read it other than when I’m completely exhausted at the end of the day and falling asleep after a few pages!


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