…we interrupt this photo shoot…

One of my goals for my blog is to post my Project Life layouts for others to see, be inspired by (maybe!!) and to connect with my far-flung family and friends.  I have been pondering how best to organize this on my blog, but in the meantime, I’ve been trying to shoot some of my layouts in preparation for uploading.  In addition to figuring out how I want my blog to “work”, I’ve been experimenting with how best to shoot my layouts…















And things were moving along except for one 10 lb glitch








Fred, the Cat

For those of you who haven’t been to my house, this is Fred.  We adopted him and his sister Ginger in 1996, so he’s getting up there in years.  Ginger passed away earlier this year and since she’s been gone, Fred has been spending a lot more time upstairs with the humans.  For instance, when I’m trying to take photos…








He’s decided that he must at that very specific moment in time…wake up from whatever pile of blankets or clean clothing he’s sleeping on, and come and see what his human is doing.  I think he sees himself as a household supervisor








And of course, the next thing that happens when I say “Fred!  Get out of there…”  Shadow, the dog races upstairs from her nest on the Family Room sofa to see what is going on…








It’s no wonder that the photos have not made it onto my blog yet…but at least photos of the pets have…. small progress??  I guess I”ll have to take what I can get…


One thought on “…we interrupt this photo shoot…

  1. That’s a series of photos which has made me smile! Your feline friend is clearly just a bit too, well, friendly for a good photo shoot, I can see. Can you bribe her to be elsewhere eating something nice?


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