Photo counts …

As you may have been able to glean, I am somewhat of an avid memory keeper, and if there is a project going on, I’m on it!  Last week I was working on the in-depth documentation for “Week in the Life” which is a project started by Ali Edwards.  This is my third year and this year, I’ve given myself a pass to not have to have the photos processed and posted the day I take them (like I tried to do, mostly successfully last year)  too much work.  Instead, my plan is to process the photos and pull the pages together a day at a time (maybe more if I get carried away with myself!)

I just downloaded my “big girl camera” and my iphone and here are my photo counts for last week (not including any photos from Charlie which he downloads when he plugs his phone in at work on Monday mornings)…


Monday:  120 (there were more, I had started deleting doubles and crummy photos)


Tuesday:  109


Wednesday:  146


Thursday:  91


Friday:  59


Saturday:  104


Sunday:  134

Total:  763 (so far)

…no wonder people were starting to hide when I brought my camera out!

So now begins the deleting, selecting and editing (!)  I use iPhoto for organization and some editing and Photoshop Elements 8 (I think that’s the version) for more in-depth editing and laying out the pages digitally.  Last month, I downloaded Aperture and am slooooowly migrating toward using that, am going to see how big the learning curve for editing is and hopefully work on some of the photos with Aperture.  Wish me luck!!

2 thoughts on “Photo counts …

  1. Gosh, that is some total! I sometimes look back with fondness to the days when a film held twelve and you had to be very chooses about what you snapped! Looking forward to seeing the pages …


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