and so we start

Lily received a crochet kit for Christmas from her Grandpa to make these super cute stuffed animals….except neither one of us knows how to crochet (!)  I knit but never crocheted.

photo 1and so we start….the two of us together on the sofa, my 1970’s era Reader’s Digest “Complete Guide to Needlework” and You Tube videos by our sides…I grabbed some scrap yarn and crochet hooks and we dig in.

photo 2We worked for an hour and honestly, I think we did pretty well considering neither of us had ever done this!  Next it is off to the craft store tomorrow for some yarn and hooks that go together,  my hooks are a little small for the yarns that I had making it difficult to pull the yarn through.  Lily liked it and was working away !  I found it much harder to control the yarn and hold everything than knitting but I’m sure that will come with practice.

crochet-1To make a start…that is sometimes the most important part of the entire project.

Here’s to making more starts this year.

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