Going analog in a digital world

I think this may be a first…two posts in one day.

Today I went analog in a digital world















I ordered these:

Yes, my exciting life….old school analog battery operated alarm clocks.  They don’t flash, they only make one noise, they run on batteries, there is a FACE to read, not luminescent numbers, they don’t “dock” anything.  They just tell the time and wake you up when you set the (one) alarm.  And they cost less than $20 each.

In truth…the girls have been through several alarm clock/cd playing/cassette playing/ iPod docking clocks in the last twelve years.  And, the last dock/clock they have (they each have the same one) we cannot figure out how to reset the alarm…every time they unplug it…which is all the time,  SO   we are going analog over here.   Orange for Gwen, Ivory for Lily and the “classic” for me in my studio because I have no clock in here and need to know when to stop making stuff up here and head to the kitchen to make stuff to feed the fam.

Going analog in a digital world…*sigh* loving old-school.

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