Reads: Update

In an effort to tidy up, I’ve collected the big pile of books I’ve read off of the bedroom floor to re-locate them to the Living Room bookshelves or the library basket or to pass along  Before I sent them to their various homes, I wanted to update my “Reads 2014” page.  Alas…I have read a number of library books the last six months and not.written.them.down.  This will only add to the fun of re-discovering them when I get 50 pages in and start to recognize the story as being very familiar … hmmmmmm

So, this is a partial list, the rest lost to the mists.  I’m currently re-aquainting myself with Claire and Jamie and the world of Outlander with Diana Gabaldon’s newest tome  “Written in my Own Heart’s Blood”  *sigh*.    Have just discovered she has written some novellas that I will have to check out, and of course there is the new series on TV to look forward to…fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

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