Reads January 2017

I have not done blog-clean up in awhile and I realized my “reads” tab has been sorely neglected since I’ve started using Goodreads to track my read & want to read lists !  Last year I took the Goodreads challenge and my goal was to read 25 books this year.  According to Goodreads, I read 24 but I am reasonably confident that it was more than that and some quick library book reads did not make it on my list!  This year, my goal is again to read 25 and I’m sure I’ll read more than that.  I am also a heavy magazine, blog and real paper newspaper reader so there is never a lack of reading material around here.

Here is what I’m reading right now



225x225bbFiction:  Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (part of the Vampire Chronicles)  I now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but BOY can Anne Rice write a story!  It’s been awhile since I’ve read one of the Vampire books I’ve forgotten how much I love them and how easy it is to sink. in.  Want to go back and read them all again…

225x225bb-2Non Fiction:  The Creative Habit / Twyla Tharpe   Super enjoying this, savoring it… I danced for a number of years as an adult so I love learning more about how things are choreographed, and her process.  Hoping some ideas rub off 😉
61vrrzxqk5l-_sx355_bo1204203200_Design:  Textile Designs:  Two Hundred Years of European & American Patterns Organized by motif, style, color, layout and period.   My undergrad degree is in Apparel Design & Textils and my MA is in Interior Design so I totally geek out over books like this!!  So much good stuff!
Love having more than one book going but they have to be very different topics, or fiction/non-fiction/art.   Looking forward to more good finds in 2017!  You can follow me on Goodreads with the button in the sidebar.   What’s on your nightstand??
Happy New Year!

Reads: Update September 2014

As part of my pledge not to buy any more books until the pile on my nightstand is depleted (ha!)  I was successful in finishing off a number of books that were laying around partially read (poor dears).  I’ve updated my “reads 2014” section with all of these reviews so in 3 months I can look them up and say…have I read that????

The Yarn Whisperer:  My unexpected life in knitting / Clara Parkes  (own)  I love this little book…I think she and I lived on the same street in Fairport, NY but at different times.  Really enjoyed her memoir about finding knitting.

Creative Time and Space / Freeman-Zachary (own)  I always like to read about other artists/designers, where and how they work etc…  Super great little book about making space for making art.  Will dip in and out of this again I”m sure

A Million Little Ways / Emily Freeman (own)  I love love love Emily’s writing.  I follow her blog Chatting at the Sky and I really enjoy it, it’s so peaceful.  Good book about creativity and faith and work.  Glad I bought it.

Inside of a Dog / Alexandra Horowitz (gifted)  Since I own a dog now, my Dad thought this would be a useful read.  It’s very interesting and gives a lot of insight into why dogs do what they do.  If you’re a dog owner, pick this one up.  Helped me not feel guilty when my dog goes *sigh* as she puts her head between her paws.

Wild / Cheryl Strayed (own) I enjoy reading adventure books and I used to read backpacking/hiking memoirs all the time back in the day.  This one is very good and I definitely recommend it, even if you are not a hiker.  Not so sure about the movie version though, we’ll see.  Liked the book too much to see it wrecked on the big screen

Written In My Own Hearts Blood / Diana Gabaldon (own) If you have never read/heard of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series….get the to a bookstore or download to your reading device immediately upon finishing reading this post.  Could not wait, jumping up and down for this latest installment of Claire and Jamie.  *sigh*swoon*   Starz series is awesome too but nothing beats the books.  Go. Read. Them. Now.

Reads: Update

In an effort to tidy up, I’ve collected the big pile of books I’ve read off of the bedroom floor to re-locate them to the Living Room bookshelves or the library basket or to pass along  Before I sent them to their various homes, I wanted to update my “Reads 2014” page.  Alas…I have read a number of library books the last six months and not.written.them.down.  This will only add to the fun of re-discovering them when I get 50 pages in and start to recognize the story as being very familiar … hmmmmmm

So, this is a partial list, the rest lost to the mists.  I’m currently re-aquainting myself with Claire and Jamie and the world of Outlander with Diana Gabaldon’s newest tome  “Written in my Own Heart’s Blood”  *sigh*.    Have just discovered she has written some novellas that I will have to check out, and of course there is the new series on TV to look forward to…fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

Reads…an update

The nightstand pile…how high can it go?!

The nightstand pile…how high can it go?! LOL what you can’t see is the other piles behind and and on the floor!

I’ve crossed one thing off of my to-do list (yay!!) and I’ve shaped up the “Reads” portion of my blog.  I wanted to let you, my faithful blog readers know that I finally got my act together and updated everything !!  I need to start reading more this year, as I mention in the intro to Reads:  2014… you really don’t get much read when you start really really late at night and read a page or two at a time!

So, pop on over to the home page with the link below or the bar above and maybe you’ll find something to READ that sparks your interest.  And, PLEASE don’t forget to support your local public library !!

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