Reads: Update September 2014

As part of my pledge not to buy any more books until the pile on my nightstand is depleted (ha!)  I was successful in finishing off a number of books that were laying around partially read (poor dears).  I’ve updated my “reads 2014” section with all of these reviews so in 3 months I can look them up and say…have I read that????

The Yarn Whisperer:  My unexpected life in knitting / Clara Parkes  (own)  I love this little book…I think she and I lived on the same street in Fairport, NY but at different times.  Really enjoyed her memoir about finding knitting.

Creative Time and Space / Freeman-Zachary (own)  I always like to read about other artists/designers, where and how they work etc…  Super great little book about making space for making art.  Will dip in and out of this again I”m sure

A Million Little Ways / Emily Freeman (own)  I love love love Emily’s writing.  I follow her blog Chatting at the Sky and I really enjoy it, it’s so peaceful.  Good book about creativity and faith and work.  Glad I bought it.

Inside of a Dog / Alexandra Horowitz (gifted)  Since I own a dog now, my Dad thought this would be a useful read.  It’s very interesting and gives a lot of insight into why dogs do what they do.  If you’re a dog owner, pick this one up.  Helped me not feel guilty when my dog goes *sigh* as she puts her head between her paws.

Wild / Cheryl Strayed (own) I enjoy reading adventure books and I used to read backpacking/hiking memoirs all the time back in the day.  This one is very good and I definitely recommend it, even if you are not a hiker.  Not so sure about the movie version though, we’ll see.  Liked the book too much to see it wrecked on the big screen

Written In My Own Hearts Blood / Diana Gabaldon (own) If you have never read/heard of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” Series….get the to a bookstore or download to your reading device immediately upon finishing reading this post.  Could not wait, jumping up and down for this latest installment of Claire and Jamie.  *sigh*swoon*   Starz series is awesome too but nothing beats the books.  Go. Read. Them. Now.

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