Reads…an update

The nightstand pile…how high can it go?!

The nightstand pile…how high can it go?! LOL what you can’t see is the other piles behind and and on the floor!

I’ve crossed one thing off of my to-do list (yay!!) and I’ve shaped up the “Reads” portion of my blog.  I wanted to let you, my faithful blog readers know that I finally got my act together and updated everything !!  I need to start reading more this year, as I mention in the intro to Reads:  2014… you really don’t get much read when you start really really late at night and read a page or two at a time!

So, pop on over to the home page with the link below or the bar above and maybe you’ll find something to READ that sparks your interest.  And, PLEASE don’t forget to support your local public library !!

Reads Homepage