Squam Art:: Beeswax and Images with Courtney Cerruti

I’ve been really fascinated with image transfer for several years now and I’ve played around just a little bit with different ways to transfer an image from a piece of paper to another medium (mostly, of course, fabric).  I had also played with beeswax just a little bit a few years ago at the Your Story retreat and it kind of cool.   When I was deciding what my second workshop would be at Squam, I had a hard time choosing because none of the offerings were really anything that I knew much about….yep, getting out of that comfort zone.  I chose a day of image transfer and beeswax … a little taste of something I knew a little about but still stretching.

Yes, another great great class!  In the morning portion of the session, Courtney led us through demonstrations of image transfer techniques and then turned us loose.  I was determined to get as many images ready to work on after lunch asap so they could have time to dry.  I was really happy that I managed to complete two projects that day and come home with five more chunks of fabric with images ready to be revealed (yup, hoping to get to those sometime really soon!)  It really is kind of addictive.  We learned packing tape transfers (super quick and immediate and soo much fun!), using blendy markers and acetone and then using gel medium and paint applied to fabric or wood (or probably pretty much anything you could put paint on and then wash off)….Did I mention it’s kind of addictive?!  Add to that the charm of drying our projects in front of a roaring fire in a stone fireplace…hello? Heaven?

IMG_7531Packing Tape Transfers

After lunch, Courtney gave a demonstration on how to work with beeswax which was so cool (and went far beyond anything I’d known previously) and then it was time to get down to the serious business of making.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  so much fun!!


Image transfer:  paint on wood, over painting, collage with paper, photos and fabric trim, edging of washi tape all coated with varying amounts of beeswax.

IMG_7537Palais Royal


Image transfer:  gel medium on linen, embroidery with crewel yarn and floss, lace trim, vintage buttons.  Then a great big deep breath and dipping the whole thing in beeswax.  Top photo before dipping, next photo dipped and stitched onto it’s hanger… photo below,  in it’s new home in the front hall


Leap.  Of.  Faith.      and I love it

It was really cool to experiment with different media, different fabrics and colors and different embellishments.


I also came home with a number of images ready to be worked on at home (evidently, you can keep the paper stuck to the fabric for quite a long time and it still will “work”  (note Studio Assistant Fred providing quality control)

Courtney was an awesome teacher, great at demonstrating and answering everyone’s questions…lovely lovely gal….She had sold our her book at the ArtFair so I ordered it on Amazon when I got home,  and have been having a great time reading through it and thinking up projects!  Thanks so much Courtney!!!

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