A page a day for Lent


It all started quite innocently enough.  I was chatting with our new pastor at church, we were talking about art and making things and what we do, and she mentioned that she had made a collage a day for lent last year.  hmmmm interesting.  You see a) I am not a terribly religious person b) I grew up presbyterian and we did not observe lent in any participatory way (my mother thought that was only for catholics) c) have I mentioned I’m not a terribly religious person?  Pastor Stacy talked about adding a practice during lent, rather than just always focusing on sacrifice.  That, I thought was very interesting, never had I heard about adding something, it was always about punishment.  So I go to thinking about what I could do that would be realistic and meaningful to me, and I came up with doing a scrapbook page a day every day during lent.

I have done layout a day challenges successfully several times in the past, so I knew I could get through 30 days with out too much craziness, but 47 is more challenging.  I decided to take it on.  I’m keeping track just so I don’t make myself crazy.  I include traditional “scrapbook layouts” as well as mini-books (December Daily) and Project Life pages under the umbrella of Scrapbook Layouts …I should really call it just Memory Keeping.  Anyway, I’m happy to report that I am on track.  I had a minor glitch a few saturdays ago when I had a layout 3/4 finished on my desk, then life happened, the day got super busy, friends came over to exclaim over the hole in the dining room wall (that’s another post) and have a little hangout and before you knew it, it was almost midnight.  So 3/4 of a layout that day…but, I did not just throw in the towel.  The next day, I got up early, finished the layout and got back on track with one layout every day.

Working on this project has helped me streamline my process(more fodder for another post) and honestly, kept the idea of lent more at the front of my feeble little brain rather than floating around the ether.  Now that it’s Holy Week, I’m coming to the end of my project, which will be Easter Sunday.  Do I keep going, or leave it at 47 consecutive layouts (plus an extra 7 I made at the crop on Saturday)???  Can’t decide but the feeling of getting projects done and memories recorded is pretty darned awesome!  I’ll keep you posted!  Are you working on any long-term memory keeping projects?

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