Week in the Life – Monday 8/17

I wasn’t going to do a Week in the Life project this year….last year my heart wasn’t really in it for some reason and I abandoned the project after a day or two.  It’s OK to drop projects and change gears, wasn’t working, move on.  This year, I have too many unfinished projects, too many things in the air and no sense of completion….perfect!  Let’s take on another project.  My goal this year…. write every day, take a few photos, post to my blog.  It’s Wednesday and I’m posting Monday so here goes 😉


****And I realized when I looked at the photos I’d taken, all 8 of them, that there were no people in them.  Was it because I’d decided late in the game to do witl and hadn’t “prepped”?  Or, was it because this is what a large part of my day looks like being the Domestic Goddess with two kids in school and a more than full time working hubby….that there just isn’t that many people around?   Think I need to think about this a little more.  A lot of isolation, not necessarily a great thing.

This week is the last week of summer vacation for us.  It is completely depressing, I am happy with the school they go to, but at this time of year I’m ready for them to have an extra week or two of summer as the other schools around us do.  It is especially bittersweet as they are going into HIGH SCHOOL next week (not sure why I have to capitalize that when I write it), I have been waffling between disbelief and excitement for them all month.

In the spirit of “last week before summer vacation” I made the girls get up at 9am even though we didn’t have to leave the house until almost 11.  Groan, moan and they’re up.  After being a slug for the greater part of the summer, I got up with Charlie a little after 6am and made him his tea to take with him to work.  I have to admit, I get waaaaay more done in a day when I am up at 6am vs. 9am.

The girls had soccer practice this morning so I picked up Kenzie & Peyson and dropped everyone at the field, then hightailed it to the Apple Store to pick up a new wireless router (ours was ooold as I realized) and then to Best Buy for network cable and other tech stuff all to be used as part of the upgrading the wi-fi signal project.  Just made it back to soccer in time to get everyone, drop everyone off, bring the girls home to get their bathing suits and some Elio’s pizza to take to Kenzie’s pool…pick up Lauren on the way over and drop everyone off to swim.  Lucky that Janice will bring everyone home.  I’m so so thankful to have a group of girlfriends who live nearby and who like to share in the kid-schlepping chores!

photo 5 edited

After the pool, the girls have to do their “concussion training” for their school soccer team, I get them the links to the site and they each curl up on their beds in the a/c  go through the course.

photo 4

Also in homage to getting back to a schedule, I wanted to get back into the habit of “money monday”, doing the bills/paperwork/greasing the cogs that run this show.  I know if I do this every monday, it won’t take very long and I will have a far better grasp on money, projects, and to-do’s and won’t be wondering if I called the chimney guy or where the paper was with the deposit on it.

photo 1

In the spirit of trying something new, I tried the “deposit by phone” app with our bank and snapped a photo of the check, entered some info and away it went!  Too bad I can’t get cash out of my phone, save me a trip to the cash machine.  I spent hours on this project but managed to get a lot of things cleared out, ticked off, paid and filed.

photo 6 edited

In an effort to clean out the fridge, I made grilled lamb tips from pache’s, a spinach pinwheel dish to use up the puff pastry and good old zucchini cakes from our frozen garden zucchini.  Round it out with sliced tomatoes from the garden and call it good!!

photo 2

After dinner, Charlie worked on our taxes and the girls read their summer reading book “1984”.  They are under strict orders that they can’t go camping this weekend with their friend unless the reading and all the “entries” they have to do are completely done, printed out and in their backpacks ready to hand in on Monday!  Charlie gave me my own “homework” of things to work on to get our taxes in order, which I’ll work on this week.  I had some more paperwork/computer stuff to take care of before joining him for sliced plums.

photo 3

We have been ending up the evenings in front of the TV usually watching sports or “Big Bang Theory” re-runs.    It is nice to come together at the end of the day and hang our for awhile.  Gwen went to bed early but Lily got some ice cream and hung out with us for awhile watching TV.  It’s still weird that they don’t go to bed at 8pm anymore, its fun to hang out but I sometimes miss grown-up evening time.  As we get closer to Monday, bedtimes will be dialed back toward 9.  This summer I’ve also been having Lily do the evening dog routine of pill/food/outside then put her to bed in her crate.  Shadow likes the routine and I like not forgetting to put her out until I’m over-ready to go to bed!  Books and crosswords for us then lights out, Charlie at around 11 and me around 11:40…need to dial back bedtime for ourselves as well!


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