Week in the Life 2017…done and done!

I just realized that my last post on my (poor neglected) blog was my beginning the Week in the Life project….so I guess it’s fitting that the next post is the album reveal ??!   So in lieu of taking a bazillion photos …I did a quick and dirty video on my iPhone, holding the phone in one hand and turning pages with the other…we’ll see how it turns out.  First time for everything and putting it out there right?!

I did end up following my sketched out plan and the only thing I pulled in extra from what I described last post were some chipboard numbers I had leftover from the December Daily kit.  Put them to good use here.

So since I just discovered that my version of WordPress doesn’t support embedding video, and I don’t want to spend the $$ to upgrade (!)  You can follow this link to my YouTube Channel and view the whole video.  Be kind, first slapdash video LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!




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