Because it felt right to wait 406 days before blogging again…

Hello 2022… now that it’s almost MARCH here in New England, of course we are having a snowstorm. But it’s comforting to know that we still have snow here even though the planet is warming to alarming degrees. Hello friends, how did 2021 treat you? As we head into YEAR 3 of a global pandemic I have to say that 2021 was on the whole far better than 2020 but still not fabulous. Anyone else feel like they are the very definition of “languishing”? And who ever thought that would actually be a thing?! Well onward and upward for 2022. Fingers crossed we all survive pandemic and war to ring in 2023.

2021 had girls back at college, a tiny bit of travel, Homecoming at SU after missing a year, a big trip to Ireland, client work, more getting together with friends, and not as much crafting as I would have liked but more than I thought I had done at the end of the day.

The one constant in 2021??? Dogs and Sticks…

photo of black lab walking down sidewalk with big stick in her mouth

More posts to come on various projects and goings-ons…who says wrap up posts can only be posted in the first week of January! Off to go shovel snow… stay cozy my friends !

2 thoughts on “Because it felt right to wait 406 days before blogging again…

  1. How lovely to see you! That’s quite made my day :). It’s hard to feel resilient, isn’t it, at the moment … Hoping the languishing feeling evaporates and we see you again soon.


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