An analog update

A quick check in on the ever so slight twitch away from digital to analog.  I ordered the clocks, the clocks arrived in good order (thank you Amazon  Prime shipping!) Clocks were set up and the girls were instructed on how to use them (move lever on the side UP to set the alarm and DOWN to turn it off)….

First morning:  Girls not up….

child:   “which way do I move the switch?”  

me thinking:  (obviously, the OPPOSITE way it is now!)

Second morning:  Girls up!  Yay!!  Success!  I do the happy dance down the stairs to make breakfast and pack lunches knowing the morning will be much less crazy since the girls are up on time, have plenty of time to get ready, eat, pack their (incredibly over-burdened and heavy) backpacks, and head out the door.  Worked EXACTLY like I had dreamed!!  

Third morning:  Girls not up…  

me:  “Did you forget to set the alarm?”  

child:  “No, I set it”  

me:   “Did it not go off?”  (uh-oh I’m thinking bad things about the little clocks)

child:  “It went off, I just turned it off and went back to sleep”

And why do I get the sinking feeling we are going to have many more days like the third morning, and less like the second?  *sigh*