…It was supposed to be a quick project…

How many times have we said that??  Come on, raise your hands, I know you are out there.  It seemed so easy.

Me:  Hey honey, I decided I want to use my birthday money from your folks to help pay for a new worktop for my studio, can we go to Ikea and pick up the new furniture for my studio?                                                                         Charlie:  Sure!

That was the easy part.  Actually, I should say going to Ikea and actually getting the stuff, easy peasy.  I had made a list of what we needed.  I’d even mapped out the entire project step by step.  Yay for organized!  We brought everything home and put it all together in a few hours.  PicTapGo-ImageLooked great!!  Of course it did, fit just like I’d planned.  So excited to have drawers!  So many I’m not even sure what I’m going to put in them (ha ha ha).  On my list of things to do was to clear out the shelves and re-organize them, and take down all my notes on the wall from 2015.   PicTapGo-Image copyYay organizing project.  In addition to cleaning out, I found $6, and a bracket for the shade I would like to hang on the driveway side window (hopeful bracket #2 will turn up soon), and I cleaned.  I am going to swap the workstations with sewing on the right with the ironing board behind me and computer/memorykeeping on the left.   All was going swimmingly, until the subject of this came up… PicTapGo-Image copy 3and yes, people I went down that path.  I thought I’ll just put a coat of poly on the top so I don’t mess it up.   Um no…. old poly, wrong brush means took for.ev.er. to dry and didn’t cover well.  One new fresh can of poly later (read on the This Old House blog you should toss poly after it’s been open for a year….yeah, that can came from our old house 😉  ) here we are.  Looks much much better!!  Dried perfectly, nice and smooth, full coverage (just a tiny bit of fine steel wool polishing will happen today) All ready to go!  PicTapGo-Image copy 2Put the stuff back in that’s been junking up the upstairs hall.  PicTapGo-Image copy 5So excited, can’t wait to work on one long continuous counter, spread out my fabric or my projects, a home for the scanner and maybe the tablet, this is going to be great!  Or not, wait, it seems a little low for me.  Get out the tape, measure, yup, the worktop needs to come up 1″ – 1 1/2″, and I need a big piece of something for on top of the cart to make up the space on the back that won’t be covered by the top, since I have to move it forward to the edge of the drawers (overhang = not getting into the back of those drawers) *sigh*

Honnneeeeee  !!!  I have a little project for you !

Pray for me…hoping to have this all sorted out on the weekend and be making stuff in here soon… this wasn’t going to be on of my 52/16 projects but it is starting to verge in that direction!

studio: and the cleanup commences…

I don’t know about you, but summertime around here is slightly less hurried (no school or  after school sports schedules), (supposedly) more time outdoors, longer days, beautiful New England weather and the promise of long days lazing in the warm summer sun at the beach or under a tree with a book.


We love summer here in our house and it is less crazy than usual.  I strive for a balance of activity and inactivity with the girls, weeks of camp interspersed with weeks of “nothing”.   As I walked into my studio today…I realized that while I think the girls schedule is more relaxed… Charlie is still working hard, and there is still a household to run, and kids to manage.  Which lead me to this …


yup…the dump it in the studio and close the door so the cat can’t get in.  So this morning, while the girls and their friends are still sleeping in from a late night sleepover…I will attempt to clear the chaos.  2 1/2 weeks until the big trip and I have some sewing to do and memory keeping to catch up on before we leave.

Cursory examination of the war zone has unearthed…  7 items in need of ironing, 1 pr of shorts in need of a button, 1 long finished knitting project in need of blocking, several piles of memorabilia and stuff to go through and organize into our Project Life book (still have to edit and print photos too),  magazines to be relocated, several pieces of luggage to go into the attic, cameras and phones to be downloaded and backed up, garden journal to be updated, supplies to be put away, a giant box of 700+ photos to be put away (note to self…buy more photo albums on amazon) 2 pillow covers to be sewn up and be stuffed with forms (8 seams!  that’s all it is!)  fabric for outfits I want to make before our trip to be found and pre washed in preparation for sewing, and  a table to be cleared

…I think I need a cup of tea and a shower

How’s summer going in your part of the world?  Any giant crazy messes to tackle?