…on why “cousin”pictures are impossible…

This weekend marks the celebration of my In-Laws 50th wedding anniversary.  All the kids and grandkids gathered for dinner and a show at the dinner theatre (cue “can-can” dancing spontaneously happening the rest of the weekend).  To commemorate the occasion, of course the paparazzi were out in force.

Photos below case in point why “cousin” pictures are impossible …

3 thoughts on “…on why “cousin”pictures are impossible…

  1. Great set of photos, I tend to take lots of photos like that and then due to the powers of photoshop I am able to swap heads and eyes and smiles if need be. So that the end result is perfect. They call me the head surgeon when I start doing that! LOL


    • Hi Carol! Usually, we end up with these photos and we just delete them because they are not up to par but I thought the series of them together was hilarious….definitely making a scrapbook page out of this one! Thanks for stopping by!


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