Week in the Life – The put-together for Wednesday 9/11

Finally got this day done.  I realized after I pulled everything together, I didn’t have anything that captured the fact that it was September 11th, and the anniversary of the attacks.  I decided that it was what it was and not to try and make up stuff that I didn’t document.  I had some beautiful early morning flag photos that I took when I got up that morning but I had already used similar ones in a previous layout…so here is Wednesday, half day for the girls, super hot day….I’m having fun coming up with mini themes for a row of pictures which I’m really liking.

WITL-13-Wednesday-Cover pageWITL-13-Wednesday-Collage pageWITL-13-Wednesday-9 Photos-1WITL-13-Wednesday-9 Photos-2tags

Photos:  I started with 146 images, I deleted down to 89 (indecisive…again), of that I used 28 (counting all the screen shots of the ridiculously high temperatures!)  I did very little photo editing, if any.

Templates, Paper and Embellishments (same as the rest of the week):

Templates:  Ali Edwards  Week in the Life Layered Template Set 8.5 x 11 Vol. 05.  and my 9 photo template which I tweaked to include the weather screen shots from my phone.

Paper & Tags:  “Summer Blossoms” kit by WhimpyChompers Creative.  Font is Remington Noiseless (love typewriter fonts!)

Thank you for stopping by and sticking with my sloooowwww progress on this week!

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